"Tapoff should be a welcome addition into any home"
Stephen Truelove,
Haig Homes

John Dalton, Director, Antler Homes

"We are always looking for ways to improve our homes and see the Tapoff switch as an absolute necessity in today's modern environment. This device gives our customers convenient control over what was an outdated way of controlling water."

Mike Cole, Manager, Mid Kent Water

"The excellent Tapoff product offers our clients and customers peace of mind in the event of emergency situations, with its clever features it supersedes the old fashioned stopcock, and should become the standard installation as we move into the new millennium"

Andrew Henry, Sales & Marketing Manager, Honeygrove Properties

"We see the new Tapoff valve as one of the provisions that show the thought and consideration that is put into each Honeygrove property. It is the kind of innovation that keeps us ahead of our competitors in terms of customer services and quality of product."

Stephen Truelove, Plumbing Engineer, Haig Housing Association

"Tapoff can be easily installed into any property giving the householder confident control over the incoming water supply. Tapoff should be a welcome addition to any home"

Andrew Summers, Design Council Chief Executive

"I am delighted that Tapoff has been announced as a Millennium Product and is going to form part of our collection of the most innovative products and services created in Britain for the new millennium"

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